Construction News forward features 2024

Please contact sales or editorial using the details below if you would like to discuss working on Construction News forward features in 2023.

Sales contact

To work with us on commercial content or find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact commercial manager Maria Gonzales
020 3953 2898

Download a copy of our sales pack.

Editorial input

Please note: we do not provide synopses of features prior to publication or incorporate written contributions in our features. Please only contact us about features if you can put forward a customer case study or a named spokesperson with relevant views.

Separately, Construction News welcomes op-ed submissions that offer informed opinions on topics of wide industry concern. These can be pitched at any time, on any topic connected to UK construction. Submissions seizing on industry concerns to showcase commercial products or services will be rejected.


The print edition of Construction News is published monthly. Work on each issue commences eight weeks prior to publication, and suggestions for contributions should be made before this point.

Planned content

The following table of themes for 2024 is provided as a guide. The material that appears in individual editions is subject to alteration without notice.


Edition Theme Deadline for editorial submissions
January A look ahead to 2024 Mid-November
February Public sector Mid-December
March Contracts / law Mid- January
April Safety/work at height Mid-February
May Technology/Innovation Mid-March
June Training/education/skills Mid-April
July EDI Mid-May
August Materials Mid-June
September Environment Mid-July
October Finance / Top 100 contractors Mid-August
November Payment Mid-September
December Specialists Mid-October